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What do you do to safeguard your photos and other valuable data on your phone, tablet or computer? If like so many of us you don't back up you can be met with loss.


This is one of many images on a hard drive currently undergoing a recovery operation. BTW, it must be said, one that the Geek Squad at Best Buy said it could not recover anything from. This is just a still broken example that hopefully can be fully recovered later. So far thousands have been recovered intact. If you suffer device failure you need to look for recovery options with someone that is competent and interested in results, not just claiming a fee from you! We offer recovery services.

UPDATE, This drive has now been fully recovered. This was a good example of what can be done to recover data when the right steps are taken. Depending on the severity of the problem with the hard drive and what is done with it immediately after failure can make a world of difference in how well a recovery can go. I have no idea how this drive was ultimately handled immediately following it's initial failure except that Best Buy supposedly tried to recover it. This is a typical BB Geek Squad fail, do not expect a commercial money sucking business to help you out much here. You need proper professional help.